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John T Rossi - Owner and founder of Touch of Light Healing,  is a State Licensed Massage Therapist and is Nationally Certified in Massage and Bodywork.  He specializes in the John Barnes method of Myofascial Release, Energy Medicine / Stress Reduction and Cranio-Sacral therapies. John holds a diploma from the 4 year Energy Medicine program at the Institute of Healing Arts & Sciences in Bloomfield CT. where he completed internships in medical facilities for two years, in the areas of hospice and drug /alcohol rehabilitation. After graduation he joined the faculty as teaching assistant for the freshmen and junior classes and eventually as the full time freshman teacher.
In addition to his work with BWG, John works and teaches at the Awakening Wellness Yoga and healing studio in Malvern, PA ( John teaches part time at the Academy of Massage Therapy and Bodywork in Pottstown, PA where he received his certification in massage therapy. John also  teaches classes and workshops in Energy Medicine and Stress Reduction all around the local area.  In addition John is a “Life In Recovery” coach offering valuable assistance and guidance to people in the recovery process. For more information about John and his services, go to his website at 

Some thoughts on my outlook . . .
After having been in two serious auto accidents early in life, I was left with constant pain and severely restricted movement. When I was unable to fully recover using traditional medical treatments I began to search for anyone who could relieve my pain and restore my mobility. As I discovered modalities that provided this much needed relief I began to study and research these modalities, many of which I had not heard of before. This study ignited a passion for providing the same relief for others, that I had found myself.

My history and experience provide me a unique ability to empathize with my clients in a way that is very soothing and allows them to trust that they have a positive pain free future available to them.  
The well roundedness of my approach allows me to truly see and treat people holistically.

I generally combine modalities when I work with people depending on what is needed for them at a given time.
My focus, whether working with individuals or teaching groups, is to remind them of the natural healing power we all posses.  Empowering them along their healing journey.  Taking full advantage of all that I can provide on their return to health and well-being.

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Susanna Krueger  - Owner and founder of Path to Wellness llc,  is a licensed Massage Therapist. She graduated from Anthem Institute in Springfield, PA. Susanna has done additional in-depth training in Deep Tissue Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Geriatric Massage,  as well as Chair Massage. 

Susanna's in-depth training and passion goes also to Acupressure and she focuses on treatments for insomnia, anxiety, headache, depression, muscle tension, stress, and much more. She also offers a unique acupressure facelift. Before and after client pictures clearly illustrate an enhanced cosmetic result.

Susanna was born in Germany where she earned a certified nursing degree. Her training in both nursing and massage has enabled her to understand that massage is more than just a luxury in today’s fast-paced society. Additionally her intuitive nature helps her key into her client’s needs and to “hold the space” as her clients unwind and experience deep and healing relaxation. For more information about Susanna and herservices go to her website at
Some thoughts on my outlook ...
As a child I always enjoyed giving little massages to my family. 
Later in my life, “Massage Therapy” called me through friends, family, health magazines and more.  From reading extensively about massage therapy, I learned about the profound health benefits of massage. I was intrigued enough to follow the call! Suddenly I was on the path to wellness for myself and my clients.
The hallmark of my practice is my personalized and integrated treatment plan for my clients. In an effort to constantly increase my professional knowledge, I will never stop learning.

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